Summers Hairstyles for Men

Now you do not need to worried about your wavy hairs and get hair cut every fortnight. In summers, you really wanted to have small hair so that it do not irritate you. For this, Ryan Gosling’s hairstyle can be a very good. The 2010’s side part has been given a piecey look in 2011. You side part doesn’t have to look like you used a ruler to part it. Use some hair wax and give your hair a rogue look.

Another hairstyle is Front Wave hairstyle which was so commonly seen in old movies of the 1980’s. And Mark Wehlberg has really carried this hairstyle in a classic way. It is also suitable for summer as it is medium length hair.

The hottest summer hairstyles for black men are Square and Trendy zigzags. This hairstyle is also from the 1950’s and you can also check out Jon Jone’s haircut to have a fair idea of this trend. This hairstyle gives you masculine look! You can also ask your barber to draw asymmetrical or zigzagged lines on your cropped hair. This looks super cool on blacks!